Ad Share View Job

We are launching Ad Share View Job for the first time in India.

Ad Share View Job is our first online project which will be comfortable and user friendly.


Ad Share View job is quite simple and easy.

Your work is to copy an ad from classified website and paste it to our website and share it in Social Media sites.

  • Copy any Ad with Picture and Contact details from any classified websites(adpost,clickindia,olx,quickr,etc..)
  • Then paste the ad to our website with full details and post the ad.
  • Finally Share the ad in Facebook or twitter (no other social medias will not work.)
  • You must share the ad only within our website,then only you will receive share views.

Payment       – 1000 views     – Rs.50

Payout          – When you reach Rs.1,500

your payment will be initiated within 7 Working Days,

Project Cost   – Rs.2,000

Validity         – 6 Months

Requirement  – Mobile or PC with Internet.

Login info will be sent through e-mail or sms(otp) within 2 Days(48 Hours)


No Limitations

No Account Termination

No Errors Count

No Duration

No Targets

Only View Count(No share or no likes count)

Minimum Earnings Potential (3 Hrs a Day work)

Can post 10 Ads in 1 hr and Share 2 hrs

If you share an ad in 1 lac members group, very minimum of 0.1% view you will get.

It means 100000 x 0.1% = 100

10 ads x 1 group = 10 x 100 = 1000 views = Rs 50

10 ads x 10 group = 10 x 100 x 10 = 10000 views = Rs 500

30 days x 500 = Rs.15000/per month.

There is no limit, so you can post more ads and can share in more groups.